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Film Preservation

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Historic footage of 1963 Birmingham, AL protests

On May 3, 1963, in Kelly Ingram Park in Birmingham Alabama, Public Safety Commissioner Eugene "Bull" Connor gave the order to use fire hoses and police dogs against protesters marching for civil rights. The disturbing images created that day by photographers and television cameras are credited with galvanizing support for the movement, not just within the United States, but around the world.
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Screening Old Film Prints

Great article on efforts to keep 35mm and 16mm feature film projection alive.

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Move it or Lose it: Storing Digital Media

One of the biggest problems with transferring analog media (such as film) to digital formats, is managing and maintaining the resulting digital files.

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How our scanner handles damaged film

Our film scanner is not only sprocket-free (so it can deal with damaged film more easily), but the digital "pin registration" works even if the sprocket holes are damaged. This is a video we made that shows that in action.

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Lost Forever: The Art of Film Preservation

Lost Forever: The Art of Film Preservation is a 27 minute documentary that covers the history of film preservation, from early nitrate film up to digital media preservation.

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