Blu-ray: The time is now!

We've noticed a trend recently: a lot of people are suddenly interested in Blu-ray.

It's taken a while, but Blu-ray has finally reached critical mass. Several factors have contributed to this: First is that last summer the mandatory copy protection fees for replicated discs dropped significantly. Second is the recent drop in the cost of BD players (they're now available for as little as $129). Third is the proliferation of HDTVs, thanks in part to the switch last summer to DTV, which pushed a lot of people to upgrade their televisions. We think people will begin replacing their aging DVD players with Blu-ray players this year, in large numbers.

According to Neilsen Videoscan, Blu-ray market share (of the optical disc market) hit an all-time high of 22%, with almost $135 Million in sales in April, 2010. And smaller studios now account for almost 40% of the Blu-ray discs being released (Studios other than Disney, Fox, Lionsgate, MGM, Paramount, Sony, Warner and Universal).

Clearly, Blu-ray's time has come. So the question is - are you ready to release your films on Blu-ray? Because we're ready to help you do it.

We offer:

  • Sonic Scenarist BD 5 (HDMV) Authoring
  • AVC, VC1 and MPEG-2 Encoding of 1080i, 1080p, 720p and Standard Definition source
  • We accept file or tape-based masters (Quicktime, AVI, DPX, HDCAM, HDCAM SR)
  • DTS HD Master Audio Encoding
  • Dolby True HD Audio Encoding
  • PCM Stereo and Surround audio prep
  • Stereo-to-surround sound re-mastering

And, our rates are good too! It now costs about as much to author a feature-length Blu-ray disc as it did to author a feature film DVD just 5 years ago.

If you have any questions or if you'd like to discuss an upcoming project, give us a call or send an email.