Gamma Ray Digital, Inc. Completes Restoration of "Rock & Rule"


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Gamma Ray Digital, Inc. Completes Restoration of "Rock & Rule"

Boston, MA, April 11, 2005 -- Rock & Rule, the animated cult classic featuring Debbie Harry, Iggy Pop, Lou Reed and Cheap Trick, will be re-released in a pristine, restored DVD, in June 2005. Anxiously awaited by film and music buffs, the film has been cleaned up and remastered to look and sound even better than the original, by Gamma Ray Digital in Boston, MA. The film, well known despite its original limited distribution in the early 1980s, is now poised to take its place in the pantheon of true cult phenomena.

Using its MTI CORRECT system, Gamma Ray performed an extensive frame-by-frame restoration of the only available 35mm release print of the film. Damage to the print included emulsion scratches, splices, dirt, reel change marks and chemical stains throughout.

"We were given a print that had some pretty serious flaws, and asked to make it suitable for a large-scale DVD release," says Gamma Ray Digital's President, Perry Paolantonio. "The print was struck in 1983, and actually consisted of reels from what appear to be three different prints made at different labs. This made the restoration more challenging, because it went beyond straight dirt and scratch removal, requiring color and contrast correction as well," he added.

"Releasing a mainstream film without any restoration is almost like committing business suicide," says Stephen Biro of Unearthed Films. "The fans and the film reviewers would tear us to pieces if we released an inferior product into the marketplace. Rock & Rule is our biggest title to date and has the opportunity to help us grow our company in many ways. It was imperative to make our DVD release the best it can be. We are extremely happy with the results of the frame by frame restoration"

Gamma Ray Digital, Inc. is the only facility in New England using the MTI CORRECT film restoration system. The company provides a wide range of mastering and finishing services for the feature film market, including restoration, color correction and DVD authoring.