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Studio Upgrades

We've been investing in some new hardware for our studio that will help to speed things up and allow us to offer some new services, and thought we'd tell you about it.



Our new Teranex with the ImageRestore and ImageEnhance applications offers several very cool features you might find useful. For clients working in film-originated material, this unit has pulldown cadence correction. This feature allows us to repair broken pulldown cadence (due to telecine issues, edits made after telecine directly on the 29.97fps video, etc). The system outputs a clean NTSC or 1080i/59.94 pulldown pattern. If you're going to DVD or just want to easily remove the pulldown, this is a critical.


In addition to Cadence Correction, our installed options allow for light real-time dust and scratch removal, color space conversions, aspect ratio conversions (letterbox-to-anamorphic upscaling), grain management, and noise reduction for older analog source material. The ImageEnhance package includes a sophisticated mosquito noise filter that can help to eliminate some compression artifacts on lower quality masters.


Digibeta Recorder

Yeah, we're a few years late on this one, but we've finally purchased a Digital Betacam Recorder. Our player-only units have been great for years, but with the recorder we can now make standard definition masters in-house, rather than sending it out as we've done in the past.