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Blu-ray Authoring

Blu-ray Authoring


We are New England's first and most experienced Blu-ray authoring facility. With the highest quality AVC, VC1 and MPEG2 encoding, Sonic Scenarist BD authoring system, and top notch motion menu design, we're ready to help you take your Blu-ray project to the next level.

We've authored hundreds of Blu-rays: from major commercial releases to simple loops for museums. Whether you're releasing a feature film with multiple soundtracks, subtitles, hours of bonus materials and sophisticated pop-up menus or if you just need a festival screener for your indie film, we have the expertise to make sure it's done right, the first time.

If you're mastering in HD, Blu-ray is currently the best way to present your work, with full HD 1080p video, DTS HD-MA lossless audio, crisp subtitles and full-color menus, it's a quantum leap from DVD.

  • AVC, VC-1 or MPEG2 Encoding up to 1080p
  • Lossless DTS-HD MA, PCM or Dolby Digital Audio
  • Fully interactive Pop-Up or Always-On Menus
  • Picture-in-Picture (PiP)
  • Seamless Branching
  • Over 4 Hours of 1080p on a dual layer disc
  • Much, much more...

FAQ: Blu-ray Authoring

What is Blu-ray?

Blu-Ray is the next generation 120mm optical disc format. It's a High Definition replacement for DVD.

Scanning is a non-realtime process and is unencumbered by the constraints of video and HD resolutions and color spaces. That is, the scanner captures each frame of film to its own file (or to frames of a movie file format such as QuickTime), typically in RGB color space. The result is a significantly higher quality image than you get with telecine, with greater flexibility in post production. The speed at which scanning happens is determined by the speed of the sensor and the resolution. In our case, we can scan 2k (2048x1556) at about 30 frames per second, and 720p at about 60 frames per second, even with sound.

How does Blu-Ray differ from DVD?

At first glance, the discs look the same - Blu-Ray discs are the same size and shape as CDs and DVDs. But instead of red lasers to read the data from the disc, Blu-Ray uses blue lasers. The smaller wavelength of blu-laser allows more data to be packed into the same physical area as a DVD or CD. In terms of picture quality, Blu-Ray is high defintion, and allows for use of advanced video compression schemes not used in DVD, such as SMPTE VC-1 and AVC (A.K.A.: "H.264"). Blu-Ray's audio capabilities far exceed DVD as well, allowing uncompressed PCM surround sound streams for quality that matches that heard in the mastering environment. Additionally, Blu-Ray allows for much more advanced interactivity than DVD.

How much does it cost to make a Blu-Ray disc?

Every project is different, so please contact us for a quote

Can you duplicate BD-R discs?

Yes. As of this writing, BD-R duplication is the only practical way to make small runs of Blu-Ray discs. Note that like the early days of DVD-R, some players will not properly play recordable discs, so we recommend that you only use duplicated discs in controlled environments with players you know will work. It's not a suitable format for distribution - yet.

Can I put standard definition content on a Blu-Ray disc?

You can put standard def content on a Blu-Ray discs. We recommend leaving standard definition content at its native resolution on Blu-ray. This means you can't have pop-up menus over SD content. However, it takes up much less space on the disc, leaving room for higher quality HD encodes (such as for your feature film), and it avoids potential complaints from reviewers, who generally don't like to see upconverted SD content on Blu-ray.


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