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Logmar Super 8 camera in the works for 2014

Logmar Super 8 camera in the works for 2014

This is an image of the prototype of the new Logmar Super 8 camera being built in Denmark, with a scheduled ship date of Spring 2014. It uses a standard Super 8 cartridge, but as you can see the film is pulled out and threaded like a 16mm or 35mm camera. It's got a crystal-governed motor, and there's a pressure plate behind the film and pin registration for a steady image. It has a digital audio recorder onboard as well as a mechanism for syncing audio to film later, tracking when the camera starts and stops. There's an oscillating mirror shutter (kind of like a Beaulieu 4008), and the viewfinder is digital, not optical. Oh, and it's widescreen and uses readily available C-mount lenses.

All in all, this has some pretty impressive specs, and a projected retail price of about $2600 (US). Coupled with our ScanStation scanner, it would be a pretty impressive combination for those shooting in Super8. Super8 negative at 2k already looks really impressive, and the ScanStation can do a lot to stabilize the image from older, less steady cameras. But it's about to get even better with a pin-registered camera, that's for sure!

You can read the full thread over at cinematography.com or jump right to the pictures, here and here.