We put our years of experience to work, designing a scanner in-house. We built a machine shop, and made a new kind of scanner from the ground up. Ready for scanning in the fall of 2022. 

In 2018, we began designing our own film scanner, based on what we've learned over the years from our commercially purchased machines. We needed a machine to scan some work for a client that was on a somewhat uncommon 70mm format, and began sketching out what that machine might look like. It has evolved significantly over the years, but will be ready for scanning in the fall of 2022.



Technical Specifications:


  • Fully sprocketless transport
  • Servo-based feed, takeup and capstan motors with integrated tension sensing
  • Dynamic, automatic, tension adjustment
  • Sequential RGB imaging using custom lamphouse and monochrome sensor
  • Dual lamphouse, with LEDs optimized for print/reversal and color negative film
  • Fully independent camera/lens carriages, to maximize sensor usage
  • Sony IMX-411 sensor: 14k max resolution, almost no noise, high dynamic range imager
  • All Particle Transfer Roller (PTR)-based transport to clean as it goes
  • Safely transports shrunken, damaged and warped film
  • Safely handles Nitrate film, with cool light source


  • 35mm 2/3/4 perf at up to 8k
  • 35mm 8-perf VistaVision at up to 14k
  • 65mm/70mm 5-perf at up to 8k
  • 70mm 10-perf at up to 12k
  • 70mm 15-perf (IMAX) at up to 14k
  • Custom gates for unusual formats - we build them in our in-house machine shop

Output file formats:

  • DPX
  • EXR
  • ProRes

If you have a large format film you'd like to scan at the highest possible resolution, please contact us. If you have an unusual or historic film format that can't be scanned elsewhere, let's talk!

Sasquatch Scanner

5p/65, 5p/70, 10p/70, 15p/70, even 35mm Vistavision, this scanner can do it all. 

Sasquatch Scanner

Gates are easily interchangeable, and are manufactured in-house. If you have an unusual format, talk to us!