Recent Work

Eartha Kitt (frame grab)
2k remastering of over 100 feature length documentaries
Salvador Dali Home Movie
2k and 4k scanning and grading for museum exhibition.
4k film scanning and manual conform from a previous edit.
Sherman's March
4k Scanning, grading and restoration of 'Sherman's March'
Street Film (frame grab)
4k scanning of experimental filmmaker Robert E Fulton III's films
A Simple Question, A Big Idea (frame grab)
2k scanning of industrial, corporate and educational films.
David Ben-Gurion (frame grab)
2k and 4k scanning of historical film prints and camera original films
The Hills Have Eyes
4k scanning and restoration of 'The Hills Have Eyes'
Pippi Longstocking
Color grading, Restoration, Blu-ray and DVD Authoring
The Cave
Encoding video and audio for Beryl Korot & Steve Reich's multi-screen video opera
Rock & Rule
Restoration of a 1983 animated feature film