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Color Correction

Color Correction


Our color correction suite is built around the latest versions of DaVinci Resolve and Assimilate Scratch, two of the most sophisticated and flexible desktop color correction systems available.

With unlimited color correction, noise reduction, and power window nodes, you can tweak to your heart's content, teasing out detail that might otherwise be lost. And with realtime playback, less time is spent waiting. Our system can output in real time (or faster, in many cases) to a variety of formats, up to 4k, and slightly slower for higher resolutions. We can output to everything from Quicktime (Uncompressed, ProRes), to DPX, to Digital Cinema Packages (DCP) for theatrical playback.

Gamma Ray Digital's grading suite is designed to accurately display your footage, using meticulously calibrated reference displays.

All footage is served from a high-speed SAN on a 40Gb/s ethernet network, which interconnects our grading suite with our film restoration and scanner workstations, for fast file transfers and realtime playback of files.

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