Our area of expertise is film-like color grading workflows, so we're used to handling things like A/B rolls, and optical effect re-creation. Whether you have 18fps film with sound, or you're looking to remaster a documentary made 40 years ago, we can do it. Let us help you bring your film into the 21st century.

With unlimited color correction, noise reduction, and power window nodes, you can tweak to your heart's content, teasing out detail that might otherwise be lost. And with realtime playback, less time is spent waiting. Our system can output in real time (or faster, in many cases) to a variety of formats, up to 4k, and slightly slower for higher resolutions.

We specialize in old school film conforms from A/B rolls, complete with recreation of optical effects (fades/dissolves/wipes), as well as titles. We offer special pricing on film scanning for A/B roll work as well.

We can output to everything from Quicktime (Uncompressed, ProRes), to DPX, to Digital Cinema Packages (DCP) for theatrical playback. Gamma Ray Digital's grading suite is designed to accurately display your footage, using meticulously calibrated reference displays. All footage is served from a high-speed SAN on a 40Gb/s ethernet network, which interconnects our grading suite with our film restoration and scanner workstations, for fast file transfers and realtime playback of files.

Please note: We are a small company and part of how we keep our costs down is by streamlining our workflow. As such, we do not offer supervised (in-house) color correction sessions. Instead, we offer remote approvals via frame.io, where you can leave notes, requests and suggestions on a timecode-accurate level, for subsequent rounds of color changes. If you require a supervised session, please contact us and we'll happily connect you with a local facility that offers these services.

DaVinci Resolve Color Correction

We have several DaVinci resolve systems, running on Linux (Advanced, with ProRes output), Windows and Mac.