The Robert E Fulton III Film Collection

Gamma Ray Digital provided film scanning services for the Robert E Fulton III film collection. Fulton was a prolific experimental filmmaker, and we scanned tens of thousands of feet of his film, shot primarily in the 1970s. The films were meticulously organized by Douglas Kahan, who headed up the restoration effort after years of planning.

Street Film (frame grab)


The goal was to scan this collection at the highest possible resolution, to make it available digitally for generations to come. Over the course of 6 weeks, we scanned numerous 16mm film elements, most of it to 4k, HDR, as well as audio reels on 16mm fullcoat mag.  

A very complex and lengthy film project came in on budget and the quality of the scans was amazing. I cannot thank Perry and Benn enough for their commitment to bringing in our restoration project right on time.

Fulton's images are often complex with multiple in-camera exposures. Among the films scanned were Inca Light (1972), Street Film, raw footage and audio of Hunter S. Thompson's run for Sheriff of Aspen, Colorado (1970), and many others. He's not very widely known, but his work stands alongside that of Stan Brakhage and other important experimental filmmakers of the 1970s. We were thrilled to be selected to help preserve these important works for future generations to see.