Welcome to 1974!

It's not just about film and video. We also have a collection of audio tape reproduction equipment in a wide range of formats from 1/4" reel-to-reel, to 35mm fullcoat magnetic tape. We can work with wild and sync sound audio and for 1/4" we have 2 and 4 track decks, including quadraphonic 4-track. Our Lasergraphics ScanStation can reproduce 16mm and Super 8 edge track audio (sepmag or commag), as well as optical track positive and negative film. And our Super8Sound mag reproducer can work with recordings made on both the Sony and Uher Super8Sound portable recorders, with reel sizes up to 10.5".

We don't only capture analog audio. We also have DAT and 8-channel DTRS (DA98) decks for more recently recorded material. Our digital audio workstation has two multi-track interfaces we can use to capture to all standard audio formats in resolutions up to 24bit/96kHz. 


16mm & 35mm Fullcoat Mag capture

With our MagnaTech 35mm reproducer, we can digitize a variety of fullcoat magnetic audio formats including:

  • 16mm Center Track
  • 16mm Edge Track
  • 35mm Edge Track
  • 35mm 2-track
  • 35mm 3-track
  • 35mm 4-track
  • 35mm 6-track
Super 8 Fullcoat Mag capture

It's an unusual format, we know. But we can capture Super 8 fullcoat mag. As far as we're aware the only company that made recorders for these was Super 8 Sound in Cambridge, MA. There were three different recording systems, all with subtle differences. Our player was made by Super 8 Sound and can handle both edge and center track Super 8 mag. 

Nagra IV-L

We can capture 1/4" audio tape in a variety of formats, including sync sound recordings made using Pilotone and Neopilot (Nagra) signals. Mono, Stereo, even Quad 1/4" are all formats we can work with. 


Got DAT tapes? We can capture those, too!