Film Scanning Order Form

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If you need a price quote please contact us with the details of your project. Otherwise, if you're ready to place an order, please fill out the form below.

This order form will generate a job order in our database, and will email you a PDF copy for your records. Please print this PDF and include it in the package with your film when you send it. 

We strongly recommend that you log in to your user account before you fill out the order form. This will enable several features, including saving orders as drafts to complete later, reviewing previous orders, and using previous orders as templates for new orders (saving you time). 

If you do not have a user account, you can register for one here. While we recommend having an account, it is not required to place an order.

1) Tell Us About Your Film
Divide your film into groups, separated by film gauge. Further divide these groups by scanning parameters. We recommend you name each group, and label your films with those names, to help us identify them.

For example: If you have Super 8 film and want some scanned to 2k and some to 4k, separate those into two groups.  For each group of films, fill out one row of the form. You can add or remove rows using the +/buttons or by clicking the "Add Another Group" button below.

If you're unsure about how to fill in a field in the form, mouse over the "?" icon for further help.
2) File Delivery Preferences
For orders under 50GB in size, we can deliver via secure download. For anything larger than that you'll need to include a hard drive or buy one from us. We do not charge a fee for copying to your supplied hard drive, we just ask that it have either USB3, USBC, Thunderbolt 2, or Thunderbolt 3 interfaces. We can work with Mac, EXFat, or NTFS format drives. Please make sure that your drive has enough room on it for your files.

If we are providing a drive for you, the cost will depend on the size of the drive required (which depends on the file format, resolution and footage count of your order). Please contact us for more information and costs.  
3) Shipping Information
Let us know where to return your materials when we're done.
4) Contact Info
Let us know how to reach you.
5) Special Instructions
Let us know if there's anything not covered above, or if you have any special instructions.