Gamma Ray Digital offers 35mm scanning on the Lasergraphics Scanstation 6.5k Archival scanner, and our custom-built 14k Sasquatch scanner.

Our Lasergraphics Scanstation 6.5k archival scanner is completely sprocketless and handles 2, 3 or 4-perf 35mm film at scan speeds of up to 60fps. It can scan directly to a variety of formats from DPX to Quicktime, including multiple formats and resolutions simultaneously. Because it uses optical pin registration and lacks sprocket wheels, it's ideal for working with severely shrunken or damaged film, including film with missing perforations, warped film, or film suffering from vinegar syndrome. The ScanStation can capture optical audio tracks with exceptional quality. It works well for negative, positive or intermediate film. With the ScanStation we can easily handle nitrate film, because of its cool LED light source. The scanstation is equipped with 2-flash HDR scanning, for an effective dynamic range of approximately 13 stops, with 14 bits per channel of color in HDR mode.

Sasquatch scans 2-4perf 35mm at up to 8k resolution, as well as formats like Vistavision (8-perf) at resolutions up to 14k. We designed and built this scanner in house based on our years of experience with film and film scanning. Sasquatch is entirely sprocket free, using machine vision algorithms to do digital pin registration. It has a custom-built system for dynamic film tension adjustment, using state of the art servo motors for feed, takeup and drive. The optical system is based on the latest generation Sony IMX-class sensors, with an ultra-sharp Schneider Makro-Symmar optimized for the photosites on this sensor. This scanner is a true RGB scanner, using a custom built lamp house and integrating sphere, with two sets of LED lights - one optimized for print material and one for negative.

35mm Gate

Our Lasergraphics ScanStation works with 2, 3 and 4 perf 35mm film at resolutions up to 6.5k, in HDR (2-flash) or SDR (1-flash) modes. It scans print, intermediate or negative film.

The ScanStation has an optical track reader that's far superior to what you'd find in a projector or many old telecine setups. We can scan positive or negative tracks, separate from the film or from composite prints. 


Our custom built Sasquatch 14k scanner is unique in its ability to capture 35mm at resolutions up to 12k. It was designed in-house from the ground up and we can custom build a gate for unusual formats.

We can scan 35mm 2-perf Techniscope through 8 perf Vistavision on this machine. 

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