Harvard Business School

In 2016 and 2017 Gamma Ray Digital helped the Harvard Business School's Baker Library scan dozens of industrial and educational films from their collection. HBS produced many of their own industrial, training and educational films over the years, including quite a few that studied industrial processes in depth, to find ways to streamline worker productivity. 

  • A Simple Question, A Big Idea (frame grab)
  • The Vectograph (frame grab)
  • Polarizing Filter Demo (frame grab)

Gamma Ray Digital has always exceeded our expectations. Perry and his team are friendly, knowledgeable, and above all masterful in their scanning and film restoration techniques!

Among these were many films from the Polaroid archives, much of which is held by the Baker Library. The Polaroid collection included everything from promotional materials to sales and training films to shareholder meetings. Among the films scanned were some demonstrating the technical aspects of polarizing filters and one introducing Polaroid's Vectograph 3D process, used in WWII.

You can read more about these films and watch some of them at the Baker Library Special Collections Polaroid Exhibit web site.