Gamma Ray Digital Expands Small Gauge Services to 5k Resolution

Perry Paolantonio
Gamma Ray Digital, Inc
Phone: (617) 379-0381
Gamma Ray Digital Expands Small Gauge Services to 5k Resolution
BOSTON, MA, December 3, 2014 –Gamma Ray Digital, Boston’s premier film scanning service, has upgraded its Lasergraphics ScanStation 2k film scanner to 5k.
“Our ScanStation has been wildly successful over the past year, allowing us to bring sanely priced high resolution film scanning to a market that previously couldn't conceive of affording these services before,” says Gamma Ray Digital President Perry Paolantonio, “With this upgrade, we expand the capability of our scanner to 5k, giving our customers the ability to scan their film directly to the next generation of high resolution, such as UHD (3.8k) and 4k, or to 5k for the sharpest, most accurate scans.”
The 5k upgrade allows Gamma Ray Digital to scan 8mm, Super 8, Max8, 16mm, Super16 and Ultra16 film at any of the standard resolutions from standard definition (NTSC/PAL) all the way up to 5k, including 2k, UHD (3.8k) and 4k. The low-noise CMOS sensor in the new upgrade also allows for high speed 2k scans at the same quality as before, as well as the option for an ultra-high quality downsampled 2k that uses the full power of the larger 5k sensor to create a stunning 2k image.
Gamma Ray Digital, Inc., located in Boston Massachusetts, provides a wide range of mastering and finishing services for the feature film market, including film scanning, frame-by-frame digital restoration, color correction, custom encoding and Blu-ray/DVD authoring.